September 2018 Edition

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Upcoming Events


9/25 - Human Resources Forum
9/27 - Rising Leader Committee Meeting
9/28 - Central Chapter Meeting

10/2-3 - OTEC
10/5 - Communication Committee Meeting
10/9 - Scholarship Committee Meeting
10/11 - Board of Directors Meeting
10/17 - Environment&Energy Committee Meeting
10/18 - Northeast Chapter Meeting
10/24 - Southwest Chapter Meeting
10/26 - Central Chapter Meeting

NW PAC Event 1 NW PAC Event 2
 ACEC Ohio's Northwest PAC held September 12 at SSOE Group.

Message from Beth -- September 20, 2018

First year of Regional PAC Events a success!

Columbus Regional Airport Authority updates overhead rate calculation

ACEC Ohio influences this new policy

ACEC Ohio Committees Host Kick-off Meetings

Committees are off to the races tackling the 2018-2019 initiatives. 

2018 Salary and Fringe Benefits Survey

Deadline to complete survey -- September 28!

Engineering Excellence Awards

Engineering Excellence Awards
Submission Deadline - November 1st
ACEC National Minute

Congress approves Energy & Water Bill

First FY2019 “minibus” appropriations bill, combines energy and water and military construction

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