October 2018 Edition
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Upcoming Events

10/24 - Southwest Chapter Meeting
10/25 - Rising Leader Committee
10/26 - Central Chapter Meeting

11/1 - EEA Submission Deadline
11/6 - Election Day
11/9 - Central Chapter Meeting
11/13 - Transportation Committee
11/13 - Northwest Chapter Meeting
11/14 - Northeast Chapter Meeting
11/30 - Communications Committee








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Message from Beth -- October 19, 2018

ACEC Ohio creates Qualifications Based Selection Task Force

Engineering Excellence Awards Entry Deadline

Submissions due November 1, 2018, get your projects in today!

Legislators Explore Connected-Autonomous Vehicles Impact to Ohio

ACEC Ohio members attend an interested party meeting at the Statehouse

ACEC Ohio Hosts First Professional Forum

Committees in full swing, HR Professionals meet for first forum

Chapter Vice Chair Spotlight

Joe Bolzenius Patrick Engineering

 Nabil Farah TranSystems

 Scot Morehouse DGL Consulting

 Vanessa Glotfelter Barge Design

ACEC National Minute

Energy & Water Bill signed by President

 Private Industry Brief - Energy/Utilities

 FAA Reauthorization awaits President's signature