July 2020 Edition
Access Ohio

Read Ohio’s draft long-range transportation plan at http://Access.Ohio.gov. 

Upcoming Virtual Events

7/29/20 - ACEC Ohio State Public Works Committee Meeting

7/29/20 - ACEC Diversity & Inclusion: HR Panel Discussion

8/4/20 - ACEC Ohio Managing Business Development for Maximum Benefit presented by TWO CPA's

8/4/20 - ACEC Ohio Virtual PAC Trivia Night - First Round

8/6/20 - ACEC Ohio Member Services Committee Meeting

8/11/20 - ACEC Ohio Virtual PAC Trivia Night - Second Round

8/12/20 - ACEC Diversity & Inclusion Keys To Success

8/13/20 - ACEC Ohio Board of Directors Meeting

8/25/20 - ACEC Unconscious Bias: Best Practices for Managing & Hiring

8/25/20 - ACEC Ohio Rising Leader Orientation

8/26/20 - ACEC Ohio Rising Leader First Session

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Message from Beth -- July 23, 2020

State ends fiscal year with a $1.1 billion shortfall, what does 2021 look like?

ACEC Ohio Virtual PAC Trivia

Join us to compete against your fellow colleagues in the industry!

2020-2021 Rising Leader Program

Welcome the ACEC Ohio Rising Leader Class of 2020-2021!

2021 Engineering Excellence Awards Call for Entries

Showcase your projects by submitting an entry in the ACEC Ohio 2021 Engineering Excellence Awards

ACEC Ohio Committee's Need You!

Join an ACEC Ohio committee this year and share your ideas while experiencing personal and professional growth. Now is the time to get involved and volunteer. To find recent committee projects and information as well as the volunteer form to sign up on our website click here!


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