July 2021 Edition
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8/12/21 - Board of Directors Meeting

8/12/21 - PAC Event

8/17/21 - Ohio Turnpike Liaison Committee Meeting

8/24/21 - Rising Leader Orientation & Dinner

8/25/21 - Rising Leader Session 1: Leadership & Influence

9/8/21 - ACEC/OFCC Liaison Committee Meeting

9/15/21 - ACEC/OCA/ODOT Alternative Delivery Committee Meeting

9/21/21 - ACEC Ohio Rising Leader Session 2: Human Resources

9/21/21 - ACEC Ohio State Public Works Committee Meeting

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Message from Beth -- July 21, 2021

Optimistic Economic Outlook for State of Ohio

PPP/FAR Credits Clause Waiver at Critical Point

Respond via ACEC National Action Alert Center

2022 Engineering Excellence Awards Call for Entries

Coming in August - Identify your Projects Today

Payment Assurance (Lien) Legislation Becomes Law

Allows Ohio Design Professionals to Collect on Unpaid Work

ACEC Ohio Committee's Need You!

Think about joining an ACEC Ohio committee and share your ideas while experiencing personal and professional growth.

ACEC Ohio is looking to improve the diversity of our committees. As part of our strategic plan, we want to get all members involved and help them achieve their full potential. If you know someone who would be a good fit for one of our committees please let us know. We'd love to have your recommendations for new volunteers!

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New ACEC Private Industry Brief Shows Strong A/E Revenue Growth

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ACEC Urges Action on Industry Priorities in Defense Committees