August 2021 Edition
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9/8/21 - ACEC/OFCC Liaison Committee Meeting

9/15/21 - ACEC/OCA/ODOT Alternative Delivery Committee Meeting

9/17/21 - ACEC Ohio Communications Committee

9/17/21 - ACEC Ohio Central Chapter Meeting

9/21/21 - ACEC Ohio Rising Leader Session 2: Human Resources

9/21/21 - ACEC Ohio State Public Works Committee Meeting

9/22/21 - ACEC Ohio Virtual Ethics Training

9/24/21 - ACEC Ohio Government Affairs Committee Meeting

9/29/21 - ACEC Ohio Northwest Chapter Meeting

Eea Postcards 2022

Message from Beth -- August 25, 2021

ACEC Ohio Member Survey Results

Virtual Ethics Training Course

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Engineering Excellence Awards Call For Entries

2022 Call for Entries Officially Open

2021 Salary & Fringe Benefit Survey

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ODOT/ ACEC Ohio Matchmaker Event

Matchmaker Opening Session will take place on Tuesday, September 21, 2021, from 9 a.m. to 11 am. Click here to register!

News from ACEC National

ACEC Provides Exclusive Peer Benchmarking Analysis to Member Firms

2020-2021 ACEC National Annual Report

Government Affairs Update Podcast: Former T&I Chair Shuster and Former DOT Secretary Slater on Infrastructure