July 2023 Edition
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7/26/23 - ACEC Ohio/ODOT Liaison Committee

8/9/23 - ACEC Ohio Workforce Development Committee Meeting

8/16/23 - ACEC Ohio Rising Leader Orientation

8/17/23 - ACEC Ohio Rising Leader Session 1

8/17/23 - ACEC Ohio Board of Directors Meeting

8/18/23 - ACEC Ohio Workforce Development Committee Meeting

8/29/23 - ACEC Ohio/ODOT Matchmaker

9/4/23 - ACEC Ohio Offices Closed in Observance of Labor Day

9/5/23 - ACEC Ohio DEI Committee Meeting

9/6/23 - ACEC Ohio/AIA/OFCC Meeting

9/19/23 - ACEC Ohio Southwest Chapter Reds Game Night

9/27/23 - ACEC Ohio Rising Leader Session 2

9/28/23 - ACEC Ohio Rising Leader Session 3

2024 Eea Postcards 1

Message From Beth -- July 26, 2023

A strong economic outlook in Ohio allowed tax cuts in the recently enacted $190 billion budget bill

Annual ACEC Ohio/ODOT Matchmaker Event

Join us for an opportunity to connect with prime consultants and DBE/EDGE subconsultants on August 29

2024 Engineering Excellence Awards Call for Entries -- Coming August 21

Identify your projects now, many are worthy of recognition by your team, clients, and peers

Now is the Time to Join an ACEC Ohio Committee

Learn from your peers in the industry while gaining valuable experience

ACEC Ohio Workforce Development Survey

In an effort to develop a work plan for the ACEC Ohio Workforce Development Committee, we need your input to benchmark the current connections and efforts of our member firms. If you have a connection, we are asking for you to share contact information as the committee is exploring partnering opportunities for ACEC Ohio and building a contact database. Please click here to take the survey now!

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News from ACEC National

The White House put out a request for a list of projects funded by the IIJA, CHIPS Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The Administration’s “Investing in America” website could very easily be confused with our Engineering Excellence Awards submissions list. From environmental cleanup and remediation to infrastructure resilience, nearly all the game-changing projects showcased by the White House were made possible by our industry.  

If you have a project that’s moving ahead because of the IIJA or these other initiatives, please send your submission to projects@acec.org. ACEC is always proud to showcase the incredible work of our member firms, and we are eager to seize this opportunity to showcase how our industry can transform communities and change people’s lives for the better. If you choose to submit, please copy info@acecohio.org also.