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Workforce Development Committee Update


Workforce Development Committee Update

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The ACEC Ohio Workforce Development Committee is wrapping up its first year. The Committee has accomplished several goals throughout the year including putting together and running a university panel for the ACEC Ohio Annual Meeting.

Key items from the committee work plan are in progress:

1) Develop a database of current programs in Ohio that are actively working to attract students into pursuing careers in built environment. Connect with these organizations to create a portal for ACEC Ohio members with the goal to provide volunteer opportunities for our members with these organizations.

With the end goal of getting students interested and excited about engineering at a young age, the Committee has decided to initially focus on four organizations. NAWICs Block Kids, Future Cities, Educational Service Center, and the Ohio Academy of Science. 


2) Develop partnerships with higher education institutions to discuss curriculum needs, student experiences. Understand process for our members to become guest lecturers or adjunct professors at each institution and add to portal for ACEC Ohio members.

A survey of ACEC Ohio members was sent out last fall seeking information on where our members serve a university and in what capacity. Using this data, the committee chose to focus on 6 Universities to create a partnership with initially. These include Ohio State, Ohio University, University of Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton and Bowling Green. If you are involved with a university and want to assist with this liaison effort, please let us know.

If you are interested in joining the committee, please reach out to Chair Brendan Lieske or Beth Easterday at ACEC Ohio.




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