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ACEC Ohio State Public Works Committee meeting with Ohio Facilities Construction Commission

As part of the efforts of the ACEC Ohio State Public Works Committee, the Council has joined with AIA in an effort to identify partnering opportunities with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC).  As part of the process in identifying issues, ACEC Ohio conducted a survey of its member firms to identify their top three (3) issues/concerns associated with the OFCC process. Concurrent with that effort, a joint meeting was held with representatives of AIA  confirming our top 3 issues to partner on improving with OFCC.  It is our hope that through our joint efforts, we can address issues such as procurement, fee and contracts and develop solutions that are mutually acceptable to all.

To facilitate the process, the “ACEC Ohio/AIA Joint OFCC Liaison Committee,” has been formed and is comprised of three representatives from each organization; two members each, and the President of ACEC Ohio and Executive Vice President of AIA Ohio respectively. This group will meet with Director Williamson and his staff on March 8, 2017.




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