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Message from Beth--April 20, 2017

ACEC President, Dave Raymond--key issues for ACEC Ohio members in D.C.

Dave Raymond with Board


This month, I am highlighting our National Association as we were honored to host ACEC National President, Dave Raymond, at the Council’s April Board meeting last week.  Mr. Raymond was in town to meet with current members and prospective  members whose firms are Ohio-based. He was happy to share information about what ACEC is working on including advocacy, coalitions for various sectors in our industry, educational programs and the ACEC trusts for retirement, health and business insurance.  In addition, he shared the exciting program that ACEC will have at the Annual Convention in Washington, D.C. next week.

This year, we have 24 ACEC Ohio members heading to D.C. to hear insights from political analysts and CEO's as well as many sessions including mega-trends in energy, federal market opportunities, and business practices.  In addition, firm CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s and Legal Counsels all have forums designed for their issues. Beyond the information these members will receive at the conference, ACEC Ohio will also hit Capitol Hill to become citizen lobbyists on issues that impact our industry.  This year, ACEC, has provided us with two fact sheets to take with us, one on  Tax Reform and the other on Infrastructure Funding.  Meetings have been set with Ohio Congressional members and staff to discuss these policy level issues. 

If you have not had a chance to discover the benefits of ACEC at a National level, please check out the website at or contact me for more information.

Happy spring!


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