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ACEC Ohio Adopts Long-Range Strategic Plan

Three-year plan elevates the Council to the next level

Acec Ohio Strategic Planning Meeting 09.29.16 31

 Over the past year, the ACEC Ohio Planning Committee has been working on a long-range strategic plan for the Council.  This is a three-year plan and the first time ACEC Ohio has taken a long-range view of the organization.  The planning process was kicked off in September, with a facilitated session discussing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the Council.  Three big picture goals were identified and sent onto the smaller planning committee.  This small group surveyed other state ACEC organizations and defined a “key” goal as well as six macro objectives to achieve this goal. 



Key Goal: Elevate ACEC Ohio so it is the recognized advocate by all for the engineering business in Ohio.

 Macro Objectives:

The Strategic Plan was adopted by the ACEC Board of Directors in May and presented to membership at the June Annual Meeting.  To review the long-range strategic plan, click STRATEGIC PLAN. If you have any questions on the plan, feel free to contact Beth Easterday or any of the planning committee members: Fred Seling, Mike Duffey, Jim Kleingers, Lynn Miggins, Rod Sommer, Steve Bergman, Greg Heaton or John Lengel.


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