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You are invited to the Northeast Ohio PAC Event

August 31, 2017 from 5-7pm, Portside Distillery

PAC event attendeesJoin ACEC Ohio on Thursday, August 31st at Portside Distillery from 5-7pm for the first Northeast Ohio PAC event. We will be enjoying tours, beverages and tasty food with special guests joining in the fun.

Why should you attend?

While 2017 has been a very productive year thus far, there is still much work to be done on behalf of Ohio’s engineering firms. ACEC Ohio  continues to work with elected officials on many issues including but not limited to, sales tax on professional services in the state budget, working to pass a bill on indemnification clauses in contracts and holding off another attempt to push PVC pipe preferences in our designs.

You’ll get to support the ACEC Ohio PAC and the ACEC/PAC which enables us to keep important industry issues in front of both the Ohio General Assembly and U.S. Congress while you’re networking with friends at Portside Distillery.

Sourcing as much as possible from within Ohio, Portside Distillery is the Northeast Ohio’s first and only brewery and distillery. They offer two core beers and rotate up to 12 additional beers throughout the year. Portside also produces five varieties of spirits all made with local ingredients.

How can you attend?

RSVP required by 3 p.m. on Monday, August 28th to Then show up at the door with two personal checks, both in the amount of $100 – make one check payable to ACEC Ohio PAC and the other payable to ACEC/PAC. PAC donations are counted toward your firm goal.

Where is Portside Distillery and where do you Park?

Portside Distillery is located in the newly revamped Flats area of downtown Cleveland. The address is 983 Front Avenue, Cleveland Ohio 44113. Free parking is available next to the building and in the lot across the street.

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