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Message from Beth--September 26, 2017

ACEC Ohio Making an Impact

House Dinner 2017

The ACEC Ohio Long Range Strategic Plan adopted by the Board in May states that our key goal is to elevate ACEC Ohio so the Council is the recognized advocate by all for the business of engineering in Ohio.  How to achieve this goal includes increasing the effectiveness of the Political Action Committee.  As a member of ACEC Ohio, I want you to know this is being done and after our dinner with the Ohio House Leadership team last week, the impact the Council is making is apparent. 

This month, we are holding two leadership dinners as part of the Council’s PAC strategy.  The first dinner was held with the Ohio House of Representatives leadership team.  Members of the ACEC Ohio Board of Directors and PAC Trustees enjoyed a nice dinner with the Speaker of the House, and five members of his leadership team. One member specifically mentioned that ACEC Ohio’s opposition on House Bill 121 (PVC pipe preference bill) was a topic of discussion in a caucus meeting.  Think about that, ACEC Ohio’s position is being considered and discussed, we are making an impact.  Other items of discussion at the leadership dinner included unemployment reform, budget vetoes--particularly Medicaid related items, the opioid epidemic, workforce development and transportation funding. 

ACEC Ohio always brings up the topic of transportation funding, however, during this dinner it was a full discussion.  Representative Rob McColley, Chair of the House Finance Subcommittee on Transportation and sponsor of the ODOT budget bill wants to have a conversation with ACEC Ohio on this important subject.  In fact, he understands the types of funding options available and was receptive to reading our handout and white paper on transportation funding.

We will be holding a dinner with the Senate Leadership team this week, please see our new hand-out on transportation funding which is our leave behind for the legislators attending these dinners.  Click here for the TRANSPORTATION FUNDING HAND-OUT.

As a member of ACEC Ohio, I encourage you to get involved to help us achieve our goal of being a recognized advocate for the engineering business in Ohio.  Our elected leaders want to hear from us, they are engaged in our business issues and our position is being considered in caucuses.  In this newsletter, there is an article on “How to Connect as a Member of ACEC Ohio”, consider connecting with a committee or on social media to stay informed.  

As always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me, I enjoy hearing from you.


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