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ACEC Ohio plans to launch new Salary, Fringe and Business Practices Survey

The Owens Group conducting online survey in fourth quarter

Cover Of Final Report 2016 Salary And Fringe Benefit SurveyOver the past few years, ACEC Ohio has provided a Salary and Fringe Benefit Survey to our members.  This year, the Council is launching a new survey administered by The Owens Group that will cover Salary and Fringe Benefits as well as Business Practices.  This survey will go out to members electronically in the next month through an email from The Owens Group and will allow ACEC Ohio to collect the latest data provided by Ohio engineering companies, information you can’t get from any other source. 

Whether you are seeking to hire new technical staff, or just trying to retain the quality staff you have, it is critical that your firm’s salary and fringe benefits plans are competitive in the industry.  In addition, the business practice side of the survey will cover a range of information such as net revenue per employee, backlog in months, staff training costs and marketing hit rates to name a few.  This survey is a value-added benefit for you and your business from ACEC Ohio and we hope you participate when you receive the survey link.

Due to the fact that this survey is more comprehensive than what the Council has done in previous years the time frame has been modified. The information for this survey will be collected during the 4th quarter, with a full report being finalized first quarter of 2018.  ACEC Ohio plans to collect the comprehensive business practice data every other year, continuing to collect the salary and fringe benefit data annually.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the ACEC Ohio office at 614-487-8844.


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