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Message from Beth--October 26, 2017

ACEC Ohio shines at ACEC Fall Conference, member input needed on Tax Reform proposal

ACEC Ohio Shines at ACEC Fall Conference:

David BurtonWhat a great ACEC Fall Conference in Orlando earlier this month.  The Council had 10 members from Ohio along with our National Scholarship winner attending. During the awards luncheon, we celebrated University of Cincinnati Civil Engineering Student, David Burton, who was awarded the $10,000 ACEC Scholar of the Year!  Congratulations to David, ACEC Ohio was proud to sponsor his application. Sandy Doyle-Ahern

ACEC Ohio also was proud to have Sandy Doyle-Ahern, President of EMH&T as part of the CEO Panel discussion  “The Impact of Technology on the Business of Engineering.”  Those that attended the conference heard top quality keynote speakers such as General Michael Hayden and former SEAL Team 6 member Robert O’Neill as well as participated in many informative break-out sessions. If you have not attended an ACEC Conference, I encourage you to consider the 2018 Annual Convention and Legislative Summit in Washington, D.C. from April 15-18, 2018.

Chris Preto wins PAC Sweepstakes, PACs inching closer to our goal:

We are happy to report that Chris Preto, from Mott McDonald and an ACEC Ohio Board member won the $1000 prize in the ACEC PAC Summer Sweepstakes announced the first of October. With over 500 tickets sold in the sweepstakes, Chris won the grand prize after purchasing four $25 tickets, congratulations Chris!  ACEC Ohio is close to reaching our PAC goals at both the State and National level.  The Council is at 77% of our National Goal and 72% of our State Goal with 42 firms achieving their company goal to date.  Thank you!  If your firm has not participated in the PACs, we encourage you to make your voluntary contribution today.  Click here for information: ACEC PACs

Tax Reform proposal, we need your input:

As part of the advocacy report at the ACEC Fall Conference, we learned the Tax Reform proposal is moving forward in the U.S. House of Representatives and will be heard before the House Ways and Means Committee soon. The basic plan is to lower the tax rates for C corporations to 20%, and create a new reduced tax rate for so-called “passthrough businesses” (such as S corporations, LLCs and partnerships) at 25%.  Right now, passthrough businesses pay taxes through the individual owners of the firm, often at the highest individual tax rates, so the idea of lowering the tax burden for these firms to 25% is significant.  The plan proposes to offset the lost revenue from the lower rates by eliminating most tax credits and deductions. 

We are still awaiting all the details of the proposal, however, one of the options being considered to pay for the lower tax rates would be to exclude certain passthrough businesses that provide professional services – such as doctors, lawyers, and accountants, as well as engineering and architectural firms – from qualifying for the proposed 25% rate.  If this proposal becomes reality, it will be helpful to know what percentage of ACEC Ohio members are “passthrough” businesses, please let me know if your company falls into this category.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. 



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