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Message from Beth -- May 24, 2018

Welcome Holly Roberto to ACEC Ohio, Step 1 of the Chapter Integration Initiative

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Over the past 11 months, the Chapter Integration Task Force has been meeting and working on a plan to improve the relationship, functionality and alignment of chapters with ACEC Ohio. The overall theme is One ACEC Ohio, with the intent to increase collaboration and synergy between the chapters and state organization. 

During the Task Force meetings, it became apparent that a staff person within the offices of ACEC Ohio would be key to implementing the plan.  I am pleased to introduce Holly Roberto as the new ACEC Ohio Member Engagement Specialist and step one to implementing the Chapter Integration Plan.  Holly comes to us with a three-year working background in non-profit, working at the University of Cincinnati Alumni Association before moving to Columbus and working for the American Cancer Society. Holly is excited to be given the opportunity to meet and collaborate with the members of ACEC Ohio. She was born and raised in Cincinnati and graduated from Ohio University. She loves trying out coffee shops, restaurants and breweries around town. She also enjoys traveling and running outside when the Ohio weather cooperates!

Holly Roberto

With regards to Chapters, Holly’s role includes unifying the brand of ACEC Ohio among the chapters, managing and working with the online event system for chapter meetings, working hand in hand with chapter leadership on chapter meeting speakers, venues and invitations.  Holly will also organize subcommittees that will explore an annual scholarship program, a rising leader program and she will facilitate quarterly conference calls/meetings among chapter leadership.  Please welcome Holly Roberto to the ACEC Ohio team, she can be reached at

The next steps for Chapter Integration will include unifying the bylaws, all chapters will work under the ACEC Ohio Bylaws which will be adopted at the annual meeting.  Where you may notice the chapter integration initiative the most is through a unified dues structure.  Beginning July 1st, each member firm will pay dues to ACEC Ohio that will allow their employees to participate in any chapter meeting.  Many of ACEC Ohio member companies have offices in multiple locations across Ohio, instead of paying dues to each chapter, under the unified dues structure only one set of dues is paid to ACEC Ohio and allows access to all chapter meetings across the State. 

A big thank you to Rod Sommer, our Chapter Integration Chair along with the team of Rick Allen, Mike Duffey, Lori Duguid, Brad Hyre, Jim Kleingers and Chris Preto who spent so many hours working to make sure this process will benefit the overall organization moving forward. The task force will continue to meet regularly as the plan is implemented.

As always, please feel free to contact me if you would like additional information.


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