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Message from Beth -- November 22, 2022


Message from Beth -- November 22, 2022

TeamFive years ago, ACEC Ohio brought together AIA to create a joint liaison committee with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) with the goal to build a cooperative working relationship between the industry and Commission. The liaison committee meets quarterly and has been instrumental in improvements to the standard RFQ, reduction of professional liability insurance limits to match other state agencies, review of the EDGE program/requirements as well as commenting on policy changes and contract language.  Throughout these meetings, the liaison committee has suggested an industry partnering session with OFCC. We are pleased to share that on December 14, 2022, ACEC Ohio, AIA, and OFCC will host a virtual Partnering Event.  This session will focus on procurement with a joint panel discussion exploring what it’s like to be on the consultant side as well as the agency side of the topic.  We look forward to ACEC Ohio members attending and participating in the partnering session with OFCC.  Click here for more information: ACEC Ohio/AIA/OFCC Partnering Session

In addition, ACEC Ohio continues to be a resource to our State and Municipal Partners.  Here are a few examples of where our members are partnering:

  • Municipal Engineers Association of Ohio--Joint ACEC Ohio/Municipal Engineers panel discussion at the OML Fall Conference to discuss areas we can work together.
  • City of Columbus--Joint ACEC Ohio/City of Columbus discipline groups working together on a fee guidance structure for the city.
  • ODOT-- Joint ACEC Ohio/ODOT committee on Open Roads Design issues and a possible fee guidance update.
  • Ohio Turnpike Commission-- Joint ACEC Ohio/OTIC working group on invoicing.
  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources-- ACEC Ohio Environment and Energy Committee members will meet in December with the ODNR leaders to discuss the economic conditions in the industry including supply chain, construction pinch points and workforce.

If you would like additional information, feel free to contact me.

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving with your family and friends.


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