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ACEC Ohio Legislative Update--March 3, 2023

HB 23-Transportation Budget Bill, the $12.6 B bill passed the Ohio House on Wednesday with a vote of 74-21.  Click here to see comparison document for all changes in bill.

 A House floor amendment included:

  • Specifies the $1 billion rural highway fund (created by excess funds in the General Revenue Fund) projects include only those already before the Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) and that they cannot receive additional TRAC funding. Any unused funding can be directed to other projects on the TRAC list.
  • Changed force account language to “scope of work” limits in line with ODOT bridge, culvert and paving work.
  • Reduced plug-in hybrid car registration fees from $200 per year to $100.

HB 33-Operating Budget Bill. Currently being heard in Ohio House Finance Subcommittees. Details on Budget Bill

SB 23--Joint Purchasing Agreements. Proponent testimony this week in the Senate Government Oversight Committee, with opponent testimony and potential vote next week.  Click here for committee hearing details

SB 48- Reduce taxes on certain motor fuel.  Referred to Senate Transportation Committee with no hearings to date.

 Click here for Bill Monitoring Report 3.3.23

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