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ACEC Ohio Legislative Update--March 31, 2023

HB 23 Transportation Budget Bill Passes

HB 23 the $13.5 billion Ohio transportation budget is on its way to Governor Mike DeWine for his signature. The bill passed with a nearly unanimous vote in both the Ohio House and the Senate. 

The Conference Committee on the transportation budget voted out a final bill unanimously. The final version of the bill includes the following provisions:

  • The interstate exit ramp language every 4.5 miles was added back in with an amendment that applies it only to Strongsville and Brunswick and requires ODOT to use money appropriated to it to construct such ramps (Representative Patton mentioned that he believes those ramps are dangerous)
  • House language requiring state infrastructure bank loans to small cities to be zero-interest loans was added back in
  • Readded House language appropriating $10 million total to RTPOs
  • Keeps out the $1 billion Rural Highway Fund appropriation the House added (this will be considered in line with the operating budget)
  • Compromises between House and Senate language on the hybrid plug-in fee at a reduced $150
  • Allows the sale of the Cincinnati Southern Railway with new guardrails on passing it at the ballot
  • Removes a senate provision regarding regional transportation improvement projects
  • Regarding a force account compromise, increases all monetary thresholds by 133% and increases that annually based on ODOT’s construction cost index with a 5% cap
  • Retains train safety provisions from both chambers

To review all the final changes please see the comp doc worksheet. 

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