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Message from Beth -- January 25, 2024


Message from Beth -- January 25, 2024

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Participating in the ACEC Ohio Regional Legislative Fly-In provides engineers with a unique opportunity to actively connect with state legislators and address critical business issues affecting the engineering community. This is a new event for ACEC Ohio with the goal to meet our state legislators in their districts once a year versus meeting them in Columbus when they have less time to engage with our industry.

The Central Chapter hosted Representative Allison Russo and Representative Dontavius Jarrells the minority leader and assistant leader in the Ohio House last week. The legislators spent over a half hour answering questions and asking for feedback from the attendees on issues such as passenger rail, the capital bill and implementing recreational marijuana. These interactions foster collaboration and help shape policies that support the growth and success of the engineering sector.

Participating in the ACEC Ohio Regional Legislative Fly-In is not just a networking opportunity; it's a chance for ACEC Ohio members to actively shape the future of the industry by becoming informed advocates and influential voices in the legislative arena. We invite you to join us at a legislative fly-in at the following chapters: Northwest on January 26th, Northeast January 29th, and Southwest February 2, 2024.

All information can be found at or feel free to contact me.


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