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Message From Beth -- April 25, 2024


Message From Beth -- April 25, 2024

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In the last year, the ACEC Ohio Board of Directors has been looking into how they can boost workforce development in our field. They've been discussing ways for consulting engineers to draw in new talent and keep their current staff engaged. On top of that, the ACEC Ohio Workforce Development Committee has been reaching out to organizations that focus on STEM and strengthening ties with universities through our members' roles on advisory boards.

To keep the conversation going, join us at the ACEC Ohio Annual Meeting and hear from Scott Warwick a three-time best-selling author with over 40 years of hands-on experience. Scott will share how retaining employees through an inclusive environment is not only beneficial for business success but also promotes a positive work culture. By embracing inclusive practices while respecting legal boundaries, companies can create a workplace where employees feel valued and are more likely to stay for the long haul. This approach not only reduces turnover costs but also contributes to a more innovative and collaborative work environment. An employment law attorney and HR professional, Scott brings his own unique and entertaining style to each presentation.

I look forward to seeing you at the ACEC Ohio Annual Meeting on June 6, 2024, from 9am-1pm (lunch included) at the Grand Event Center 820 Goodale Blvd, Grandview Heights, OH 43212.



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