Legislative Representation

Every session, the Ohio General Assembly considers hundreds of proposed laws, many of which can affect private engineering companies and the licensed professionals who own and manage them.  The ACEC Ohio staff and its legislative consultants are your eyes and ears at the state capitol, monitoring bills introduced in the legislature, maintaining contact with legislators and keeping you informed about developments in the General Assembly that could impact your business.

ACEC Ohio also proposes legislation to meet the needs of engineering companies, such as:

  • The Design Professional Selection Law, enacted in 1988 and expanded in 1995. This law requires state and local governments to award contracts to engineering, architectural and surveying firms based on their professional qualifications and to negotiate scopes of service and fees.
  • The building plan seal law, enacted in 1995, which requires the seal of a professional engineer or licensed architect on virtually all plans filed with a state or local building department in support of a building permit.
  • The construction statute of repose, enacted in 2003, which shields professional engineers and others involved in the design and construction industries from malpractice lawsuits filed more than 10 years after substantial project completion.

Advancing the Business of Engineering