Through ACEC Ohio’s Forums, professionals are connected to a network of peers in an informal, roundtable setting. YOU can share your best practices, discuss problems and solutions, gain valuable insights into industry trends, and network with each other. 

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"The ACEC Ohio Forums are an invaluable way to connect with local colleagues in the industry. The team at ACEC Ohio really works hard to put relevant and timely Forums together.  As member of the IT Forum, the information and experiences shared during these events are humbling. There are always actionable take-aways and thought-provoking conversation. I highly encourage you to take the time to join one!" - Adam Farhoud, IT Director, ms consultants

"The ACEC Ohio Information Technology Forum is a great place to exchange and collaborate on ideas as well as to find solutions for shared technical concerns. The ACEC committee puts together Forum topics are always well-considered, relevant and timely, generating good conversation and information exchange. These forums have been particularly beneficial to me – since I am an AEC neophyte." - John Seaver, DLZ Ohio

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