"Networking with other ACEC members, across the US and internationally, CTL has been able to team up with other firms to provide all of the services that our client’s need. ACEC member firms bring credibility, thus reducing the verification needs to partner with firms, when projects require quick responses."  -- C.K. Satyaprita, CTL Engineering


"ACEC Ohio is an important asset to CM&T through its advocacy at the Ohio General Assembly.  The combined ACEC Ohio voice, representing over 140 firms and 8000 employees, gives a much louder and more impactful voice than CMT's alone.  ACEC Ohio has become a trusted, ready and knowledgeable source of information for the business of engineering." -- Greg Heaton, Crawford, Murphy & Tilly 


“ACEC provides a firm along with its employees opportunities to engage with leading firms in the consulting industry as well as with your clients. It is a way to reach out beyond your field and meet other engineers who are seeking to advance the engineering profession.”  -- Joseph Bolzenius, WSP USA


"Building relationships is an essential part of any successful undertaking, so my favorite ACEC Ohio event is the Partnering Conference. Collaboration between ODOT staff and ACEC Member consultants provides opportunities to improve how we work together to design and maintain Ohio’s roadway network." -- Beth Thornton, The Mannik & Smith Group


“ACEC Ohio has been instrumental in helping us through situations that we are not always comfortable with. The focus that our ACEC staff has and contacts that they utilize in pursuing issues that support our industry are priceless assets that we could not accomplish individually.” -- Greg Simon, Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd.


“ACEC Ohio is currently helping my firm stay informed during this unprecedented pandemic. ACEC gives our clients a way to communicate with our firms and gives us the voice to express concerns and get questions answered.” -- Gary Bowen, DLZ


“As an ACEC Ohio PAC board trustee, I see firsthand the value to our members and the positive impact of our advocacy efforts promoting legislation that benefits Ohio firms. Make it a priority to join a committee and attend events. Both you and your firm will benefit!" -- Dave Krock, OHM Advisors 


“ACEC Ohio offers education, networking and resources for our employees and is continually looking for ways to improve conversations and the working relationships between the clients and consultants.”  -- Vanessa Glotfelter, Barge Design Group


“ACEC Ohio has provided opportunities to engage with the Ohio Department of Transportation in ways that otherwise would not have been possible.” --  Andy Shahan, LJB


“Being involved with ACEC Ohio has helped kick start my career as a consultant. Through our chapter meetings, I have had the opportunity to meet and network with a wide variety of engineering professionals, which has led to many projects, partnering opportunities, and friendships.” -- Brendan Lieske, SME Inc.

Advancing the Business of Engineering